Migration Watch: Conservative immigration plan is 'suicide note'

Campaign group Migration Watch UK have once again torn into the government’s proposed migration plan, describing as “the longest suicide note” in the Conservative Party’s history.

The plan will see low-skilled EU migrants able to come to the UK until at least 2025, but will supposedly only be able to work in the UK for a year before being asked to leave for 12 months. It is unclear how this work be enforced. Under the plan the government will also drop the cap on skilled workers.

With net migration still running at around 270,000 per year, there will be big public concern as to whether these plans will deliver a substantial reduction in migration that drove millions to vote for Brexit.

Theresa May recently reiterated that bringing net migration down to the tens of thousands net per year remains government policy, though there is little sign of this target ever being reached.

The Chairman of Migration Watch UK, Lord Green, has said of the plans on the table: “These measures are worse than useless. They are so extensive as to be unenforceable by a Home Office that cannot even enforce the present system and is evading its responsibility to fulfil manifesto promises.

“The government have simply caved in to the employers lobby. This White Paper is a betrayal of all those who voted for Brexit in the expectation that immigration would be reduced and of the millions of others who consistently report that they wish to see less immigration.

“At 160 pages this must be, for the Conservatives, the longest suicide note in their history.”

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The immigration issue isn’t going away. The British public expect a post-Brexit migration policy to reduce numbers to sustainable levels.