Migrants set fire to Greek reception centre in protest at being moved out of hotel

Migrants have reportedly set fire to a reception centre in Greece to protest the fact they’ve been moved there instead of being put up in hotel rooms.

The Oinofyta reception centre, near Attica, was apparently set ablaze yesterday.

It was previously closed but has now reopened to accommodate some of the 1,500 migrants in the region, local media reports.

Some of the migrants from the islands have been put up in rented homes subsidised by the United Nations refugee agency.

But the underlying story here is that there’s a big homelessness problem in Athens, 71% of the Greek capital’s homeless population have been living on the streets in the last 5 years – so since the migrant crisis began.

And 62% of the capital’s homeless are Greek nationals, according to a report titled “Fighting Poverty and Social Exclusion” which was presented by Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis.

So there’s accommodation, even hotels, available for migrants, but apparently not so much for Greek nationals.

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And then there are essentially riots when those migrants are moved to a reception centre…

This is a microcosm of the EU’s migrant crisis.