Migrant sex crime horror at German music festival

A German folk festival has become the latest flashpoint in the country’s struggle with migrant rape and sexual assault.

One Iraqi and three Afghani asylum seekers have been identified as suspects in a spate of sexual crimes reported during the course of the Volksfest festival, according to local police. One of the victims was a 17-year-old girl, allegedly held by three men and groped on Saturday night, while several others reported physical injuries.

Reinforcements were called from neighbouring regions to deal with the riot-like conditions at the festival on Saturday night – a police report suggests that many of the rioters were migrants.

Many observers will be reminded of the horrific scenes on New Year’s Eve in 2015 during which gangs of migrant men prowled the streets of Germany and sexually assaulted thousands of innocent women – in Cologne alone there were 1,200 sexually assaulted.

Migrant sex crimes have been on the rise in Germany following Merkel’s open border policy of 2015. According to data from the country’s Federal Criminal Police Office, migrant sex crimes have risen from a rate of two per day in 2013 to around ten per day in 2016 with some worried that the true figure could be two or three times higher.

This is becoming far too regular in Germany, but is it any wonder when migrant sex attackers are getting minimal prison sentences?

Merkel needs to take a much harsher stance.