Migrant crisis raises slavery risk in nearly 3/4 of EU countries

The migrant crisis currently engulfing Europe has drastically increased the risk of modern day slavery, according to the analysts behind the yearly Modern Slavery Index.

Modern slavery risks have risen in 20 of the 28 member states of the EU over the last year and the evidence points to the mass migration of people into Europe as the key reason for the rise.

Romania, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria, all key entry points into Europe, are the countries with the highest risk of modern slavery. The report says that migrants there are “extremely vulnerable to exploitation” across multiple sectors, including agriculture, construction and services.

Slavery is growing faster in Europe than any other region in the world last year.

Westmonster has previously reported how Polish gangs have exploited EU open borders to bring people to the UK on the promise of a better life, only to force them into slavery, stealing their wages and attacking them if they try to leave.

One sick gang even used money taken from migrants to build a luxury villa back home in Poland.

In January, two brothers were convicted of trafficking people to work at Sports Direct, after stealing their passports and controlling their bank accounts.

Westmonster wonders how Europhiles will defend this latest step backwards for their beloved EU…