Migrant chaos in Paris as thousands arrive from Italy seeking to get to UK

Europe’s migrant chaos continues this morning as 2,500 migrants are evacuated from the Port de la Chapelle, following reports of growing tensions and squalid conditions.

Riot police moved in just after dawn to evacuate the men, mostly from Eritrea and Afghanistan, using 60 coaches to move migrants to “different parts of France”. A source told Westmonster that he believes this is just a smokescreen to appear tough, and that the men will be back in Paris within days. He claims apartments are being converted into houses of multiple occupation in anticipation of people coming straight back to the French capital.

Westmonster reported yesterday that 1,500 migrants had been camping out in Northern Paris in unsanitary conditions that were leading to health issues and the spread of scabies. The Paris Police Prefect said in a statement: “These illegal camps present a security and public health risk for both the occupants and local residents.”

Some had even made huge cardboard signs which read: ‘We want to go to the United Kingdom’.

French Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb, hit out at those calling to build more accommodation for migrants, saying: “First off you say ‘I’m going to open a center for 500 people’ and next thing you know you have 3,000 or 4,000 people and you’re left having to sort the problem out.”

French news also produced a news package last night, highlighting the growing problem of migrants boarding trains in Italy, without a ticket, and crossing right through into France without being checked, or punished for travelling without a ticket.

Europe really needs to get a grip. Not only are thousands of migrants arriving from the Libyan coast on a daily basis, we’re now allowing them to ride freely on public transport all over Europe, with many congregating in Northern France, desperate to get to the UK. The situation is close to spiralling out of all control.