Merkel welcomes May EU plan after close co-ordination

There are strong rumours that Theresa May drew up the Chequers Brexit proposals in conjunction with Angela Merkel.

It was first reported the day before Chequers that the German Chancellor had been briefed on the plans before Cabinet Ministers, which is a strong indication of where May’s priorities lie.

On Thursday, May met with Merkel – a day before Chequers. Then she met up with her again in London, the second meeting in six days.

There are even rumblings that, at Chequers, May or one of her aides said a part of the proposal couldn’t be changed because Angela Merkel was in favour of it…

This all paints a picture of the German Chancellor dictating to the British PM what they can and cannot put in their Brexit proposals.

In the wake of the Chequers fallout, Merkel actually praised the ‘progress‘ that’s been made, so she seems to be on board with it. Which is hardly surprising considering she might have helped draft the thing!

And then there was this weird situation, where May blocks a British journalist from asking Angela Merkel what she makes of the Chequers proposal.

Why? Why wouldn’t a national leader be allowed to answer? Could it be that her response may be something like: “Well, it’s a good starting point but we need to see even more concessions from the UK.”

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That kind of response would surely see letters flying in for a change of Leader…if they aren’t already.