Merkel talks of EU 'compromise' as German industry grows anxious of No Deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sounded the need for “compromise” in the Brexit negotiations, as German industry grows increasingly anxious at the prospect of the UK exiting the EU with No Deal.

Just recently we’ve seen the Head of the German Federation Industry (BDI), Dieter Lempf, say: “A chaotic Brexit is now in dangerous proximity. Companies are looking into the abyss these weeks.

“Leaving the UK without an agreement is not an option – neither for British companies nor for companies on the continent.”

And the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s chief, Eric Schweitzer, warned: “More than 750,000 jobs in Germany depend on exports to Great Britain. Just-in-time production and supply chains are at risk.”

Angela Merkel seems to have got the message and is now saying: “We also have a responsibility to shape this separation process in a responsible way, so that people don’t look back in 50 years, shaking their heads, and say ‘why weren’t we in a position to make a compromise’?”

She told a regional party conference: “Let me say emphatically, I will work until the last day to ensure that we have a settled solution for the UK’s exit.”

And she also talked up a positive future relationship with Brexit Britain: “The UK is a part of Europe. We’re bound together by a wonderful cooperation on all kinds of domestic security questions. The UK has to be a close partner in the future.”

The British government must now make clear demands for a deal that involves chucking the backstop and delivering the independence that 17.4 million voted for.

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It seems some in Europe are finally taking the prospect of No Deal seriously. If they want a deal, it needs to be far better for the UK than the one Theresa May brought back from Brussels.