Merkel scolds Juncker

The first cracks in the EU’s united façade on Brexit are beginning to appear with Angela Merkel (of all people) slapping down European Commission President, and all-round cad Jean-Claude Juncker for briefings against the Prime Minister.

According to German broadsheet Der Spiegel, which has close links with the German government, relations between the German Leader and her usually pliant counterpart in Brussels have “soured” after Mrs Merkel accused Juncker of “inflaming” relations with the United Kingdom over Brexit.

Part of last week’s leak to the German press on the Juncker’s dinner at Downing Street included comments made by the Commission President in a phone call to Merkel early the next morning when he said Theresa May was “living in a different galaxy” on Brexit.

Brussels has gone on an outrageous attack in recent weeks, hoping to bully the British government into thinking it is totally ignorant of the EU and international negotiations, putting Merkel in a difficult position. Merkel, like Juncker and co. is an EU fanatic, yet at the same time, is reluctant to destroy relations with the UK and jeopardise preferential access to the UK’s lucrative market.

German business would be incandescent and Merkel is back up for election later this year..x