Merkel plots EU domination with Macron

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said Germany and France will seek to reinvigorate the European Union if Emmanuel Macron wins the Presidential election on Sunday.

Speaking in Hamburg today, Merkel said: “If we’re concentrating on Sunday and hoping that the election goes as we wish, we can see that the cooperation between Germany and France will gain decisive significance in this context.”

The EU have formally backed Macron over Le Pen, with commentators long warning that if she were to win, it would be the end of the EU.

Win or lose on Sunday, euroscepticism will continue to grow across the continent. The likes of Angela Merkel have proven time and again to be completely incapable of solving the Eurozone and migration crises, nor able to turn the tide against radical Islamic terrorism that has taken full advantage of the EU’s weak border policy.