Merkel on brink in Germany, 'facing mutiny' over disastrous migrant policy

Angela Merkel is facing a potential mutiny over her mad, dangerous open door migration policy.

As Westmonster reported earlier this week, Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, was due to unveil a new 63 point “migration master plan” which was kicked into the long grass after a falling out with the Chancellor.

Merkel disagreed with sending migrants back to the border if they had already been registered somewhere on the asylum database, or been previously deported.

Seehofer wanted to reject such people at the border.

Her sister party, the CSU (of whom Seehofer is Leader) will face state elections later this year, so are keen to hold on to as many seats as possible which are being threatened by the AFD.

Seehofer has been in talks with both Italy an Austria to form an “axis of the willing” to combat illegal immigration.

Merkel is against the idea. Given the fragility of her coalition, it wouldn’t take many mutineers to topple her.

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