Merkel forced into refugee cap to cling onto power

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has seemingly agreed to a huge climb down on migration in exploratory talks with the Social Democrats (SPD).

German media claim negotiators spent all night arguing over tax and migration, with Merkel’s CSU finally agreeing to no tax increases and huge concession on migration.

According to sources, the new coalition has agreed to put a cap on the number of refugees, ensuring that no more than 220,000 enter Germany per year – down from a staggering 745,000 in 2016 (the last year we have complete figures for).

The group also agreed that family reunification for migrants who have been granted refugee status should be very limited and not exceed 1,000 people per month.

An SPD spokesman told German newspaper Bild that the leaked information was correct but the details were not entirely up to date.

This is clearly a step on the right direction – though we suspect the German people will want a far bigger reduction in migration moving forward after the madness Merkel has allowed across the country.