Mercer: May's deal 'is not good enough'

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer has been the latest to confirm that he will vote against Theresa May’s EU deal, describing it as “not good enough”. MPs are increasingly united against the deal on offer.

Mercer, who voted Remain, has told The Sun: “Measured against the expectations and hopes of the nation in what should be an opportunity for huge reform in this country, it is not good enough.”

The government should really listen to why he is opposed: “Politics is ultimately about the people.

“You cannot promise them that no PM would sign anything that treated Northern Ireland differently, and then do just that.

“You cannot philosophise about free trade deals and then concede none are possible the moment we leave, as this agreement currently stands.

“And chiefly you cannot sign up to making the UK a junior partner in a relationship they cannot unilaterally leave.”

This deal is dead and buried. Yet Theresa May refuses to accept reality. How long until the 48 letters of no confidence are in to kick start the process for a new Prime Minister to be put in place?