McVey: WTO Brexit is default option

Brexiteer Esther McVey yesterday reminded the country that leaving the European Union without a deal remains the default government policy if the EU fail to secure a deal with the UK.

Speaking to Nigel Farage on LBC McVey, who resigned from the Cabinet to oppose Theresa May’s deal, said: “The plan has always been to Leave, as we always said, without a deal if we cannot agree on a deal, and that is why it was so important that we did all the planning and preparations around it.”

Whilst the government have played down the prospect of No Deal, McVey revealed that “lots of planning has been done” by the civil service to prepare for such an outcome already.

She also pointed out that May is surrounded by Remainers and that the “make-up of the Cabinet” consisted of people who “all voted for Remain” including the likes of the Chancellor Philip Hammond and the PM’s deputy, David Lidington.

On top of that she highlighted out the influence of Olly Robbins, who she described as May’s “key adviser” who had been “very much about staying in”.

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