McVey: This remains a really bad deal

Former Cabinet Minister Esther McVey has stood firm and insisted that Theresa May’s plan is still a “really bad deal” that she can’t support.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning, she said: “This was the deal that everybody said was unacceptable only a few weeks ago.

“It united both sides of the argument whether you voted Remain or whether you voted Brexit to say ‘this is a really bad deal’.

“Nothing has changed in that intervening period. Therefore it still remains a really bad deal that you shouldn’t be voting for.

“So what we need to say when the vote is voted down for the Prime Minister to go back to the EU, we always knew it would go on to the final moments and say: this is not acceptable, we want a better deal.”

McVey is among a group of prominent pro-Brexit Conservative MPs who are demanding that the country be ready to leave on WTO terms if necessary. No Deal is still better than a bad deal!