McVey: This bad deal or no Brexit

Former Cabinet Minister Esther McVey has revealed that she will vote for Theresa May’s “bad deal” at the third time of asking, fearing “no Brexit whatsoever” if it doesn’t go through.

It comes after the Remainer Parliament this week voted against No Deal and for an Article 50 extension.

McVey said that previously “there was the choice of No Deal” but now the choice was Theresa May’s “bad deal” needs to be backed as “No Deal has been removed”.

She hit out at “feeble negotiators” who now needed to be booted out and MPs “who conspired to take No Deal off the table”.

And McVey hit out at the collapse of collective responsibility after Remainer Ministers decided to ignore the government whip and abstained. She argued that they should have resigned.

It is clear that some Brexiteer MPs are clearly folding, but others are not. Owen Paterson has said of the deal: “It simply is not Brexit.”

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