May: UK leaving EU on 29th March 2019

Prime Minister Theresa May was on the BBC’s Marr show this morning, where she sought to sell her deal once again. The numbers still don’t stack up, way too many MPs still have well-founded concerns on the ‘backstop’ locking Britain into an indefinite trap and paying £39 billion for the privilege. The deal is almost certain to be rejected.

She also insisted that the scheduled vote will “definitely” go ahead after being put back once already.

Asked directly about whether the UK will exit the EU at the end of March as scheduled, she said: “We leave the European Union on 29th March this year.”

Deal or No Deal, Brexit must be delivered. If the PM’s deal can’t get through Parliament, time for the government to push ahead with a WTO, No Deal exit. Having once again confirmed that the UK will be leaving on 29th March, the British government must deliver.