May: UK leaving 29th March, don't believe in delay or referendum

Prime Minister Theresa May has once again committed that the UK will be exiting the European Union on 29th March 2019 and that she is still against any delay or having another referendum.

Despite the scaremongering about ‘no Brexit’, May has consistently committed to the country exiting on 29th March 2019. That must happen as promised, deal or No Deal.

In a speech aimed as a pitch to MPs to back her deal, the PM admitted that the EU rejected her attempt to add a legal time limit to the hated backstop trap. She hasn’t been tough enough and Brussels haven’t taken the prospect of the UK walking away seriously enough.

She also said that: “I don’t believe we should be extending Article 50 and I don’t believe we should be having a referendum.”

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Given May’s deal is almost certain to be rejected, this logically leads to the UK leaving the EU without a deal. If May sticks to what she has said, that is. Will she sell-out, or deliver Brexit on 29th March 2019?