May u-turns again, accepts EU extension until end of October

Prime Minister Theresa May has once again gone back on her word, accepting an extension of EU membership until 31st October as proposed by Brussels despite previously saying that she wouldn’t accept a delay beyond 30th June. Her words now mean absolutely nothing.

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Many in the EU wanted a further extension to be even longer, but this was resisted by France’s President Macron.

Instead, 30th October is the new Brexit deadline, though this would be cut off if Theresa May’s horrific EU deal gets approved by MPs or she can ram through a stitch-up with the help of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs. Both still seem unlikely.

Given May now seems to bend to whatever the EU demand, don’t rule out further delays and u-turns. This Prime Minister is a complete disaster who frequently now says one thing then does the complete opposite. No wonder the public are increasingly disgusted with MPs.

Speaking at a press conference late last night, May seemed to indicate that she will only now leave the EU if a deal is agreed, saying: “We need to leave the EU with a deal as soon as possible.”

This is all yet another example of how May is a politician who appears comfortable with making pledges that she quickly breaks. In Parliament she recently said: “As Prime Minister I am not prepared to delay any further than 30th June.”

It was only in January that she insisted: “We are leaving on 29th March. I’ve been clear that I don’t believe we should be extending Article 50.”

She said on many other occasions that “we’re not going to extend Article 50” yet now is agreeing to yet more delay.

Her premiership is an absolute disgrace and her speeches now have zero no credibility. The next set of European Elections, that shouldn’t even be taking place, will give the British people a chance to deliver their verdict on what has been going on in Westminster.

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