May turns to Trade Unions and Labour MPs to save her EU deal

A desperate Theresa May is now seeking to secure support from Trade Union bosses and Labour MPs, with her EU plan set to be decisively rejected by MPs in Parliament.

She has now spoken to Unite’s Len McCluskey for the first time, as well as Tim Roache of the GMB Trade Union, The Times report.

A source reckons of McCluskey:  “Len’s a dealmaker. He would have approached the call with an open mind.”

Roache has gone full Remoaner and wants a second referendum. He’s been quoted as saying: “If the deal genuinely did the job for GMB members, our union would support it, but it doesn’t.

“It’s clear more time is required, we need to extend Article 50 and ultimately give the final say on Brexit to the public.”

It looks like May could back an amendment by Labour MP John Mann on workers’ rights that states: “Future relationship must ensure open and fair competition and that provisions to ensure this should cover state aid, competition, social and employment standards, environmental standards, climate change, and relevant tax matters, building on the level playing field arrangements provided for in the withdrawal agreement and commensurate with the overall economic relationship; and determines not to allow the UK leaving the EU to result in any lowering after exit day of common EU UK standards provided for in the withdrawal agreement in relation to employment, environmental protection and health and safety which will continue to protect the wellbeing of every person in this country; and determines that the government should invite the House to consider any measure approved by EU institutions after exit day which strengthens any of these protections.”

That has been backed by some other Labour MPs, and could potentially secure May a few extra votes. But it is unlikely to be a game-changer.

It is woeful that the PM is now seeking to get her deal through with the help of Labour MPs who campaigned against Brexit, rather than with Tory Brexiteers who are virtually united against her plan.

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No wonder 64% of Conservative members prefer No Deal to May’s deal.