May to visit Merkel and Macron as she seeks Brexit delay

Prime Minister Theresa May is to attend meetings in Paris and Berlin this week as she seeks to convince both Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel to agree to her request for an Article 50 extension.

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May is seeking another delay to Brexit that would last until 30th June, meaning the UK would take place in European Elections.

There is some worry from Remainers though that Macron could be tempted to veto a delay, with Brexit continuing to drag on for potentially months now that the PM’s promise of delivering on 29th March has been well and truly broken.

Lord Ricketts, a former diplomat, is clearly worried and has said: “I sincerely hope President Macron resists any temptation to do a de Gaulle.

“Pushing the Brits out of the EU this Friday would give him short-term headlines but would be bad for the EU, for France as a front-line state and of course for the UK. France would get a lot of the blame.”

The prospect of May touring Europe to delay Brexit, instead of firmly pushing for a WTO Brexit unless changes are made to a UK-EU deal, demonstrates perfectly why so many Conservatives are growing furious with her approach.

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