May 'to shake up EU negotiating team with heavyweights'

After last night’s strong showing for the British government, it looks like Theresa May is actually set to make some changes. Finally.

The Sun report that she will be utilising Crawford Falconer, the UK’s Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser at the International Trade Department plus Julian Braithwaite, the UK’s Representative to the UN and WTO.

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Falconer previously told The Telegraph that he would be redundant if the UK stayed in Customs Union and was unable to pursue a fully independent trade policy. “If we stay in a Customs Union for ever and day, it won’t be a question of me quitting, my job will be taken away. Because you wouldn’t need to have anybody to do trade negotiations, if you’re in a customs union.” This guy gets it.

May’s Chief of Staff apparently, Gavin Barwell, apparently told MPs of the shake up. Good move and much needed given how much the UK capitulated in the first place, leading to May’s terrible defeated deal featuring the horrific backstop trap.

It is time for the UK to get on the front foot with some tough negotiations, highlighting the UK’s ability to walk away without paying the £39 billion if the EU don’t want to compromise.