May to put forward 'further compromise' on Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to back further concessions that would keep the whole of the UK in an effective Customs Union with the EU.

The plan, likely to infuriate Brexiteers, would apparently include a process to eventually exit.

But the proposal to move the negotiations on with the EU, with both sides still fixated on the Irish border issue, is likely to be hugely controversial.

The Times are also reporting that it might not just be customs arrangements but other areas of EU law that the UK will have to follow post-Brexit under May’s compromise plan. The PM could also try and commit the UK to following EU labour, environmental and social laws.

This news comes hot on the heels of former Brexit Secretary David Davis warning that “if we stay on our current trajectory we will go into the next election with the government having delivered none of the benefits of Brexit, with the country reduced to being a rule-taker from Brussels and having failed to deliver on a number of promises in the manifesto”.

Chequers is already hated as a plan that signs the country up to an EU rulebook.

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The fact that May is now looking at watering down her plan even more will cause uproar.