May 'to delay vote on EU deal until late February'

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to delay the next Parliamentary vote on her EU deal until the end of February, meaning that the government could try and push back the Brexit day beyond 29th March 2019.#

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The Telegraph are reporting that May’s Chief Whip, Julian Smith, has indicated that there will be no vote next week as was expected.

The government may be hoping to buy Theresa May more time given the EU’s refusal to renegotiate, but having repeatedly promised that the UK will be leaving the EU on time, this is now a matter of trust.

A Cabinet Minister is quoted as saying: “We are not there yet with the negotiation.

“From the EU’s point of view, it hasn’t even started. Theresa May has not yet gone to Brussels.”

Meanwhile Labour are outright calling for a delay to Brexit, whilst the EU’s Donald Tusk attacked Brexiteers and talked of a “special place in hell” for them. A top law firm has also found that the backstop in its current form is illegal.

The only way that the British government are going to secure major concessions is if they are prepared to leave the EU on WTO terms come 29th March. Folding now and pushing back the date the UK exits the European Union would go against everything the Prime Minister has said.