May refuses amnesty from prosecution for British troops who served during NI Troubles

In a shocking betrayal of those who have served our country, Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to give an amnesty from prosecution to British troops who served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

She has instead forced through a public consultation on killings in NI with no special protections for British soldiers.

That’s despite the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson along with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Minister David Davis and UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox all fearing the end result could mean soldiers being prosecuted whilst terrorists walk free.

The DUP also want to see protections for those who have served, including for conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. They’ve called for the introduction of a UK-wide law protecting soldiers from prosecution.

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Once again we see those brave men and women who served in our Armed Forces hung out to dry. Why aren’t the government backing the British Army?