May offers Danish fishermen "reciprocal access" to British waters

The ongoing concern that British fishermen have over being screwed by politicians post-Brexit won’t be dampened by Theresa May’s latest comments.

Yesterday she was with Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen who spoke in support of a trade deal with Brexit Britain.

Danish fishermen regularly fish in British waters and that seemingly isn’t going to change, with PM May saying: “I understand that future arrangements for Denmark’s fisheries are of particular interest to you and as an independent coastal state we want to ensure fair and reciprocal access to our waters.”

The post-Brexit vision was for a British fishing industry with exclusive fishing waters. Instead month by month it seems like the British fishing industry is set to be traded away and used as a bargaining chip in negotiations.

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Surely our fishermen aren’t going to be completely screwed yet again? Leave meant a revival of the industry, not a continuing decimation under EU policy.