May 'now plans for UK to remain in EU Customs Union'

Theresa May is set to face fury with her plan for the UK to remain in a Customs Union with the European Union until a trade deal can be reached, under a new ‘backstop’ proposal.

Despite promising that the UK would be exiting the CU, she is now prepared to keep the country inside until a long-term solution is agreed by Brussels.

However, the EU would have very little incentive to free the UK in the future, meaning that Customs Union membership could remain permanent.

This would kill off the post-Brexit vision of being able to secure worldwide trade deals.

On top of that, The Telegraph report that she is set to propose mainland Britain leaving the Single Market, but Northern Ireland remaining in the Single Market for goods.

This has drawn a furious response from the DUP, whose MPs have made clear they will not support any outcome that treats NI differently to the rest of the UK.

This is worse than Chequers, and has disaster written all over it. Rather than taking back control, the country’s future will be in the hands of the EU who will need to sign off on British independence moving forward.

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Theresa May is clearly now looking to get her plan through with the backing of Labour MPs, but is Tory Brexiteers will be raging. This is crazy.