May 'moving towards EU Customs Union deal with Labour'

It now looks like Theresa May could sell out 17.4 million Leave voters completely and edge towards an EU Customs Union deal with the Labour Party in a desperate attempt to get something, anything through Parliament.

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The Prime Minister is reportedly focused on how she can win support from Labour MPs to get her horrendous Withdrawal Agreement through. Perhaps she would be better advised to pay attention to the big public meetings the Brexit Party have been holding across the country from those furious at her failure to deliver what they voted for.

Jeremy Corbyn has previously demanded a ‘permanent and comprehensive’ UK-wide Customs Union and close alignment with the Single Market. Doesn’t sound much like leaving, does it?

Michael Gove apparently suggested that the Conservative government may have to give Labour more of what they want, according to The Telegraph.

Whilst a source in the Daily Mail quotes Chief Whip Julian Smith as telling the Cabinet: “It’s a Customs Union or a second referendum, and we are not having a second referendum.”

Any deal involving a EU Customs Union would kill off the prospect of an independent UK trade policy and stop Brexit Britain from securing bumper trade deals with the those queuing up, including US President Donald Trump and the Australian government.

Trump has already been critical of May’s proposed Treaty, saying: “Right now as the deal stands, they may not be able to trade with the US. And I don’t think they want that at all, that would be a very big negative for the deal.”

Even Remainer Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned against a Customs Union betrayal, pointing out that: “If we were proposing, which I very much hope we don’t, to sign up to the Customs Union, then I think there is a risk that you would lose more Conservative MPs than you would gain Labour MPs.”

Conservative MP Maria Caulfield hit back at the rumours and has stated that: “Just to be clear I will not be voting for a Customs Union or a second referendum. We promised to deliver Brexit and we need to get on with it. A Customs Union is not leaving the EU.”

Of course May herself has pledged on many occasions that the UK must leave the EU Customs Union to honour the referendum result. But she’s already broken many other pledges.

Will her desperation lead her to now totally disregard the prospect of the UK being able to negotiate global trade deals? It would be yet another insult the pro-Brexit majority who back independence.