May incompetence 'deliberate ploy to keep UK tied to EU', says Tory donor

Theresa May’s Brexit incompetence is actually a deliberate strategy to keep Britain shackled to the European Union, according to a top Conservative donor.

Jeremy Hosking wrote for the Sunday Telegraph: “Those who think the government is vacillating or making a mess of Brexit due to incompetence are wrong. It is part of a strategy, it’s going to plan and the inference from experience of Brexit Express is that the Prime Minister herself is probably implicated.

“Our intention was to build on the referendum result and donate £5,000 to each Conservative candidate facing a non-Tory Remainer opponent in every Leave-voting constituency.

“There were 140 of them, all held by opposition MPs, all of which would be up for grabs to a party that was enthusiastic about Brexit.

“Logically we thought that the Tories were up for the task. We were wrong. Brexit Express’s offer was spurned by the Conservatives.

“It was made as difficult as possible to contact the constituencies that had been (easily) identified, let alone give Tory candidates the money.

“Suitably perplexed, it was indicated to us by high-ranking party officials that the roadblock to our £700,000 Conservative Party donation lay within No. 10 itself.

“We were allowed to assume the blocker was Fiona Hill, Theresa May’s Chief of Staff (who has now departed).

“The layman’s presumption that the purpose of the last election was to strengthen the position of the government externally in the exit negotiations is therefore false.

“The real purpose was for the government to face down its core of Brexiteer MPs internally.”

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