May deal even less popular than Chequers was in October

The deal Theresa May has agreed with the European Union is even less popular than her Chequers plan was back in October. That takes some doing.

A new poll by Ipsos Mori lays out the stark reality: that in October, 29% of the British public thought Chequers was good, compared to 47% who thought it was bad.

When the public are asked by the PM’s Withdrawal Agreement now, only 25% back is as any good compared to 62% who say it is bad.

As Ipsos Mori’s Head of Political Research, Gideon Skinner, confirms: “Unfortunately for Theresa May, reaction to her Withdrawal Agreement is now worse than it was for the Chequers plan.”

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Theresa May, just like David Cameron, has fallen into the trap of trying to sell the country what is fundamentally a bad deal.

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