May and Mogg 'have exchange over Brexit', JRM insists 'must push on with tenacity'

Yesterday saw Prime Minister Theresa May invite Conservative MPs to a meeting to be briefed on possible customs options post-Brexit, where she reportedly clashed with Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg.

May apparently called the meeting to ‘send a strong signal’ to Brexiteers, with the quickly arranged meeting bemusing some Ministers who weren’t aware of it.

Mogg apparently insisted in the meeting that the border should be kept open with Ireland, dismissing fears and saying: ‘If there was a border poll, I have no doubt we would win, as the UK did in Scotland.’

A Tory MP told The Times: “She slapped him down very hard.”

May’s briefing seems to have spooked Brexiteer MPs who now fear a further delay on independence given the lack of progress on customs.

And Mogg has written for The Telegraph: “If we do not push on with firmness and tenacity the harm being done to our fishermen will continue, our powers to protect our borders will be compromised and our money will be squandered by needlessly paying the EU’s ransom fee up front.”

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There is clear friction here and as the clock ticks down, Brexiteers want to see the government deliver, without delay. As ever, Mogg is standing up for the 17.4 million.