May ally calls for over-50s to pay more tax to fund social care

Former Cabinet minister Damian Green has drawn up plans which could see over-50s pay more in National Insurance contributions in order to fund a revamped social care system.

The proposal could see over-50s pay an extra 1% in National Insurance which would equate to some paying more than £300 extra a year.

Mr Green said: “The crisis in our social care system is one of the most pressing issues our country currently faces.

“It causes acute problems for the wider NHS, with 1.98 million delayed transfers in 2017/18 for those moving out of NHS care. The Conservative Party has an urgent need to show that it has ideas about vital domestic policy issues such as this.

The timing of the report could have been better with Brits heading to the polls on Thursday for local elections.

With older voters traditionally far more likely to vote Conservative, the report will only add fuel to the already raging fire ignited by the government’s dismal handling of Brexit. Yet another gaffe by the Conservative parliamentary party to add to the archive…