Massive international investment management firm opens London office

A massive international investment management company has just announced it’s opening a London office…despite Brexit.

First Eagle Investment Management, which has assets of $110 billion, has decided to expand to London, which this week was announced as the best financial district in the world.

So much for Project Fear’s scare stories about economic oblivion and Britain becoming less attractive to big, international businesses.

Mehdi Mahmud, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Eagle Investment Management, LLC, said: “First Eagle Investment Management, LLC, is pleased to announce the opening of a London office, which will serve institutional clients and their consultants in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

“London is a natural location for the office because of its established position as a centre of excellence in global financial services and its depth of resident talent in the investment management industry.”

Salaries are rising across the country and the City of London is booming. There surely has to come a time when the mainstream media stops saying this is “despite Brexit” and instead reports that it’s “because of Brexit”.