Mass migration Sweden facing chronic housing shortage

Nearly a quarter of young people in Sweden still live at home, according to the Swedish Union of Tenants.

213,000 young people aged between 20 and 27 are currently living with their parents despite wanting to live on their own, a record high number.

251 municipalities in the countries reported chronic housing shortages, with just 33 districts saying they were coping with housing.

What is missing from the report is the effect of record mass immigration into the country. Figures show that 163,000 people migrated to Sweden last year – 100,000 more people than the number who did so in 2000.

What the study shows is that just like in Britain, it’s the poorest who suffer most because of mass migration. Love Börjeson, a senior analyst for the Swedish Union of Tenants, said: “The study shows that those who still live at home, in general, have a significantly poorer economic situation and greater financial vulnerability than those who have moved. For example, unemployment is higher among them than people who have their own homes.”

Sweden has recently cracked down on those who criticise mass migration. Perhaps they should stop policing thoughts and start listening?