Mass migration means UK population to surge to 70 million by 2029

Britain’s out of control population surge, fuelled mostly by the open door, mass migration policy of successive governments, is set to see Britain balloon to a population of over 70 million by mid-2029.

Stats out from the Office for National Statistics show that:

The UK’s population is likely to increase by 3.6 million (5.5%) over the next decade.

England’s population will surge by 5.9% from mid-2016 to mid-2026, just 10 years.

Over the next decade the majority (54%) of population growth will be due to net migration.

In the longer-term, the UK’s population will soar from 65.6 million in mid-2016 to a mammoth 71.8 million by 2036.

With the NHS and other parts of the country’s infrastructure crippled by surging demand fuelled by mass migration, it is time for a government to start controlling numbers. This ridiculous forecast in population is obscene and will badly hurt quality of life for those in Britain as the country’s infrastructure is stretched beyond breaking point.