Man who fought against ISIS now faces terror charge in UK

A man who travelled abroad to fight against ISIS is now facing terror charge in Britain…this is despite the fact the government can’t tell Westmonster how many returning ISIS fighters have faced prosecution.

James Matthews is accused of “attending a place used for terrorist training” in Iraq and Syria.

He’ll appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on February 14th.

So, let’s get this straight: Around 425 former ISIS fighters have now returned to Britain and the government, Home Office, Ministry of Justice or the Crown Prosecution Service can’t tell us that ANY of them have been prosecuted.

Indeed, they say that a “significant proportion” of returning jihadis are no longer even regarded as a threat to national security.

But if you travel to fight against a warped death cult that specialises in keeping sex slaves, burning people alive and throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, as well as plotting the bloody destruction of the West, you’re in court?

Just when you think the British justice system couldn’t surprise you any more.