Majority of Leave voters say May's EU proposal is a 'sell out', according to new poll

A devastating new poll carried out by Survation has revealed that the majority of Leave voters now believe that the government’s Brexit position is a ‘sell out’.

When asked, 52% of Leave voters now say that the government’s position on Brexit talks represents a sell out – with only 25% of Leavers saying that Theresa May’s proposal is the best deal the UK could get.

Meanwhile only 29% of Brits think the agreement is faithful to the referendum result, with 49% of Leavers saying it isn’t and only 22% saying it is.

When asked of the May plan was a ‘blueprint for a soft Brexit’, 55% of all voters agree including 58% of Brexiteers.

And more widely the Tories have just lost several points in the polls, now trailing Labour.

Are Brexiteer MPs going to fight this or not?

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The public clearly aren’t impressed – and Leave voters especially are not buying this is as the full independence they voted for.