Majority of Leave voters don't think May's plan respects the referendum result

More than half of those who voted for Brexit don’t think Theresa May’s EU plan respects the referendum result.

A new poll by YouGov for The Times confirms that voters are not behind the Chequers proposal, with 58% of Leave voters saying it simply does not respect the country’s vote for Brexit.

Only 23% of Brits say it does respect the result and just 13% think such a deal would be good for Britain.

In the same poll Labour have overtaken the Conservatives, another trend that has been seen since May’s disastrous unveiling of her Brexit plan.

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This should be a huge wake-up call for Tories. Not only is it hurting the popularity of their party, it is going to fatally undermine faith in democracy. This simply isn’t the independence that Leave voters backed – and they won’t forget a betrayal.