Majority of Italian youngsters backed Eurosceptic, anti-establishment parties

Youngsters in Italy voted overwhelmingly in favour of Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration parties in the country’s election on Sunday.

That’s according to a survey carried out by Tecne, who found that a whopping 44% of those aged 18 – 30 backed the Five Star Movement, whilst a further 13% voted for the anti-Euro Lega. Another 3% of youngsters backed the nationalist Brothers of Italy, meaning that in total 60% of young Italians backed parties critical of the Euro, anti-establishment and anti-mass migration.

We saw something similar in the French election, where 44% of youngsters backed Marine Le Pen, with the pro-Frexit Presidential candidate more popular amongst young French voters than old.

The Eurosceptic rebellion, fuelled by young Europeans, continues to surge across the continent.

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