Majority of Brits think EU has been harsh and will be weaker post-Brexit

The week after Donald Tusk’s pathetic attack on Brexiteers, new polling has shown that most Brits think Brussels has been harsh towards the UK during the Brexit negotiations.

Data from a YouGov-CER survey revealed by Queen Mary University of London shows that 58% of those in the UK believe the European Union has been harsh. The British government should take note of this: the hardline EU fanatics haven’t covered themselves in glory.

Meanwhile a majority of Brits (54%) think the EU will be weaker post-Brexit though 55% believe citizens of other EU countries will be pleased to see the UK leave.

Life will of course go on: 59% of people say that Brexit will make no difference on whether they spending their holidays in EU countries, with only 7% saying it will be make them less likely to.

The Director of the Centre for European Research, Dr Sarah Wolff, has said: “The Brexit negotiations don’t seem to have done either side any favours, with many British people feeling the EU side has been unduly harsh. But views on the process vary depending on age and, of course, on whether people are Leavers or Remainers.

“Interestingly, though, even a majority of the latter think the EU will be weakened by the UK’s departure.  That said, only a minority of Brits think Europeans will be sorry to see us go.”

Time for the UK government to stand firm, insist on major changes for any deal or the UK will be leaving without one. The British public do not want the country to be bullied by those in Brussels who have acted appallingly at times.

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