Majorities across world don’t think immigration has had positive impact

New research by Ipsos MORI has revealed that the majority of the public across the world don’t believe that immigration has had a positive impact.

The global study reveals that on average just 21% across the world believe immigration has had a positive impact.

That includes just 5% of people in Hungary, 10% in Italy, 11% in Belgium, 14% in France and 18% in Germany.

The study paints Britain as being more positive about migration, but even in the UK only a minority of 40% believe migration has been positive.

This should be a wake-up call for politicians who have forced a policy of mass migration down the throats of the public. Migration is positive when controlled and done in sensible numbers.

Sadly the European Union and Angela Merkel’s mad open door policy has had devastating consequences and the minimal public support reflects that.