'Major incident' declared as illegal migrant boats keep coming

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has declared a “major incident” as boats and dinghies carrying illegal migrants seeking to break into Britain continue to be picked up in the English Channel off the coast of Kent.

The latest incident has seen 12 men, Iranian and Syrian, brought to the UK. Westmonster has asked the Home Office whether migrants being brought to the UK are being deported or not but we haven’t received a straight answer.

A Home Office Spokesman said of the latest incident that: “At around 3am, HM Coastguard received reports of a RHIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) containing four people off the coast of Dover.

“Border Force was deployed and four adult males, one Syrian and three Iranian, were brought to Dover.

“At around 9am the Maritime Intelligence Bureau were notified of a small boat with eight people on board.

“Border Force was deployed and eight Iranian adult males were brought to Dover.”

As the situation grows more desperate, Dover MP Charlie Elphicke has praised Sajid Javid’s intervention, saying: “Very welcome the Home Secretary has declared the migrant situation a “major incident”, taken personal control & appointed a Gold Commander.

“Now the French need to step up action on their side to stop the trafficking networks & prevent people attempting dangerous crossings.”

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Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes has said: “The number of incidents over recent days is deeply concerning. Some of this is clearly facilitated by organised crime groups while other attempts appear to be opportunistic.”

It is clear that those seeking to enter the country illegally should be returned to France (a safe European country) as soon as they are picked up. 40 illegal migrants were picked up on Christmas Day alone.

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This requires a far tougher approach. The message must go out that those seeking to enter Britain illegally will not succeed or be allowed to stay. If they are, things are only likely to get more dangerous.