Mainstream media lose their marbles over Italy's new anti-establishment coaliton

The new Eurosceptic, anti-establishment, anti-mass migration coalition in Italy between Matteo Salvini’s Lega and Luigi Di Maio’s Five Star Movement is driving the mainstream media mad.

Their governing agreement will include tax cuts with a simplified system and a monthly guaranteed income for the poorest, as well as a clear ambition to begin large scale deportations of illegal migrants. Their original agreement also included a mechanism to exit the Euro, since removed, but scepticism towards the single currency will remain.

Since the election back in March the popularity of the two forces, particularly Lega, has increased. One poll now has them in the mid-20s, with both parties polling a combined 58%.

What’s interesting though is the totally over-the-top, somewhat unhinged reaction from the mainstream media.

The Financial Times described the Salvini and Di Maio as “modern barbarians”.

Whilst the AFP opted for the lazy catch-all “far-right government”.

When will the mainstream media wake up to the fact that the game has changed? Open border, pro-EU, status quo forces have failed to deliver for the people. Joining the Euro has been a complete disaster for Italians.

Rather than lazy mud-slinging, will the media adapt to these new rising forces or simply become increasingly irrelevant?

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