Main motivation for new Tory members is to vote in leadership election, survey finds

New polling has confirmed that the majority of new, largely pro-Brexit Conservative Party members signed up so that they could vote in the leadership election.

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Research from YouGov shows that of the 383 Tory members they spoke to who joined since the 2017 General Election but more than three months ago – meaning they are eligible to vote in the leadership contest – 59% did so because they wanted to vote for the new Leader.

That compares to 35% who joined because they support the party’s aims and values – a significantly lower percentage.

5% openly state that they joined because they want to deselect their local MP. Several hardline Tory Remainers have some under significant pressure locally.

Those who joined more than three months ago to vote in the Conservative leadership election back Boris Johnson over Jeremy Hunt by 85% to 15%.

This is partly why Boris leads Hunt 74-26 in the latest poll. But these new Tory Brexiteer members are wanting and expected Johnson to deliver Brexit by the end of October, as promised. If not, his party will face the consequences.