Macron's disapproval rating hits 76%

French President Emmanuel Macron’s disapproval rating amongst the French people has reached a new high of 76%.

That means three-quarters of French voters do not back Macron’s performance in office, where he has advanced the idea of an EU Army whilst presiding over violent protests throughout the country, initially sparked by opposition to fuel tax. It is estimated that more than 130,000 protesters were out at the weekend where many were arrested and injured, including police officers.

Polling firm Ifop find just 23% of French citizens back their President, with his rating having sunk by an incredible 18 points in five months.

It underlines once more how the EU establishment’s theory of political class ‘centrism’ being a winning formula simply fails to deliver in office.

Whilst sections of the media (including in the UK) have swooned over Emmanuel Macron, the French people look to have had enough already.

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