Macron pushes to prevent EU flags being removed from public buildings

Euro-Poodle Emmanuel Macron has enraged Eurosceptics after vowing to sign a law which will prevent EU flags being removed from public buildings. 

The law, which he intends to sign next week at the EU summit, is an annex of the Lisbon Treaty which requires member states to officially recognise the EU flag – preventing it from being removed from public buildings in the future.

His kiss-arsing has angered Eurosceptics. Front National Vice-Chairman, Louis Aliot, said: “We are in the French National Assembly. By rights, there should only be the French flag.”

Jean-Luc Melenchon, who ran against Macron for the presidency earlier this yar on an eurosceptic, anti-capitalist platform, said that the assembly should ditch the EU banner because “it does not create consensus”.

During the election campaign, rival Marine Le Pen refused to take part in a debate unless the EU flag was removed, saying: “I want to be President of the French Republic, not of the European Commission.”

Macron, desperate for a belly rub from his Eurocrat overlords, shunned the national anthem at his inauguration, choosing instead to walk onto the EU anthem instead.