Macron: France hasn't taken in enough refugees

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more delusional, French President, Emanuel Macron, comes out and says he believes France hasn’t taken in enough refugees!

Speaking at the Trieste summit, Macron said: “On the subject of refugees, France hasn’t taken its fair share.” He also pledged that his country would “stand in solidarity with Italy”.

His remarks coincide with those made by Edouard Philippe, his Prime Minister’s, who told the EU’s Council of Ministers that France would create an additional 12,500 reception places for migrants, taking the total number to 90,000 by 2019.

He also confirmed that France would try to speed up the application process, reducing the appointment wait time with the French immigration authorities from 4 weeks to 7 days. Philippe also confirmed that the decision time on applications would be reduced from 14 months to 6.

Given how thousands of migrants were able to get from Italy to France on the train, without a ticket or being checked, Westmonster is sceptical that this approach is going to make the slightest difference, especially given how the current EU President is now openly admitting Europe is facing the prospect of millions of Africans crossing the Mediterranean