Lower migration means wage rise for British workers

The doom and gloom from the Remainstream media is totally at odds with the huge economic opportunities ahead for British workers.

With the unemployment rate at its lowest since 1975, Reuters report that there is “no lack of appetite for hiring among employers” with the number of vacancies growing at the fastest rate since November 2017.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation have flagged the fact that fewer EU migrants means that pay is now rising for newly hired permanent staff.

Sophie Wingfield, Head of Policy at the REC, said: “With our data showing starting salaries continuing to rise, the latest official government figures suggest that we are finally seeing the effects of a tighter labour market feed through to pay.”

None of this is being much reported of course – but the fact is that lower migration means employers will have to start paying British workers more.

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The government need to deliver and slash levels of migration permanently post-Brexit.