Lord Hague calls for government to legalise cannabis

William Hague has come out and said the government should legalise cannabis because the war on the drug has been lost – the theory is that it could raise loads of money in tax and save police time.

Lord Hague said: “It’s time to acknowledge facts, and to embrace a decisive change that would be economically and socially beneficial, as well as rather liberating for Conservatives in showing sensible new opinions are welcome.

“Can British Conservatives be as bold as Canadian Liberals? We ought to be.”

It comes after the Home Office eventually approved the use of medicinal cannabis oil for epileptic youngster Billy Caldwell.

Anything that boosts tax revenue so more money can be pumped into public services while simultaneously ensuring the police have more time to tackle hardened criminals or terrorists seems like a good idea.

And, of course, if it saves lives in the process then that’s the icing on top of the cake. Watch this space.