London: Shooting and quadruple stabbing over weekend 'linked'

Two horrific violent incidents that occurred over the weekend are being linked.

On Saturday night in Enfield at around 18:00 there was a shooting that saw two men and a 16-year-old boy injured.

They were taken to hospital after being attacked in a parked mini-cab by someone who pulled up in a car next to them.

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Police believe two men exited the car including one armed with a shotgun.

Then on Sunday evening in Edmonton four men in their 20s were found with stab wounds.

Two cars were found on the scene having crashed into one another.

Scotland Yard have confirmed: “At this early stage, officers believe the incident is linked to the shooting in Gordon Road, Enfield on Saturday, 17 November.”

London’s increasingly lawless streets are a huge cause for concern that requires urgent action. It is time to get far tougher when it comes to taking on crime.