London remains top destination for global tech talent

The idea of any ‘Brexodus’ has been to shot to pieces yet again by analysis that has shown the UK capital city continuing to serve as the top destination for global tech talent, beating all other locations in Europe. Facts disproving Remoaner myths once again.

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London and Partners, using data from LinkedIn and Stack Overflow, have found that “London welcomed more European and non-EU tech professionals than any other major European city in 2018”.

With the UK set to leave the European Union, London remained the number one destination, ahead of the likes of Paris and Amsterdam.

London has a greater number of software developers than any other European city, with over 357,900 workers across the capital.

Laura Citron CEO of London & Partners said: “London is home to some of the best technical and creative minds who are helping us to lead the way in cutting edge research and innovations in high growth areas such as Fintech and Artificial Intelligence.

“Today’s figures demonstrate that London is an open, welcoming city and that the strength of our tech sector is built on the international makeup of our tech workforce.”

On top of this, Apple is set to open a new London HQ in Battersea in 2020 and Google’s new HQ in King’s Cross will house up to 4,500 staff.

The capital will continue to thrive post-Brexit with a sensible migration policy that welcomes skilled workers. Anti-Brexit doom-mongers focus on pessimistic, unrealistic forecasts. What is actually happening now in the real world is very positive.

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